Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing Travertine Tile Floors in Your Home

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Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing Travertine Tile Floors in Your Home

17 February 2017
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If you are currently trying to figure out what type of tiling you should choose for your home flooring installation, you should consider travertine tiles. Travertine is a type of natural rock (limestone) used for construction purposes. It is perhaps most revered for its remarkable durability and earthy colour tones, which can make nearly any floor space look stunning. But your choice is not limited to the natural colours alone, as modern travertine tiles come in an extensive range of colour palettes that can coordinate seamlessly with just about any style. If you want to know what more there is to travertine tile flooring, you should continue reading on. 

Travertine tiles come in a variety of finishes.

With regards to aesthetic appeal, travertine tiles not only come in a range of colours, but different finish types as well. Travertine tiles can be honed, polished, brushed, saw cut, or tumbled, and this influences the texture of the flooring. For example, the texture of polished travertine is usually smooth and glossy, whereas that of brushed travertine is typically slightly rough. Therefore, you are free to choose a finish that suits your flooring requirements.

Travertine tiles can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Because of their hardwearing nature, travertine tiles can withstand conditions in any environment. That explains why they commonly used for interior flooring as well as outdoor applications including garages, porches, garden pathways, and other areas around the home. Therefore, you do not have to go through the trouble of looking for different tiling for your indoor flooring and outdoor use. 

Travertine tiles are easy to care for.

Provided they are properly sealed after installation, travertine tile floors will only require regular cleaning with a wet mop and washing soap to continue looking nice. Travertine tiles installed in high traffic areas such as hallways and garages can be difficult to clean, and may thus require the use of a pressure washer to remove most dirt buildup. Like with any other type of tiling, however, you will need to periodically re-grout and reseal your travertine flooring tiles.

Travertine tiles do not fade.

With travertine tiling, you do not have to worry about your floors prematurely losing their charm and beauty over time because of constant exposure to the sun's ultraviolet radiation. Travertine is immune to damage caused by ultraviolet light, meaning they will look brand new for a long, long time.

Installing travertine tile floors might cost you extra, but from the above-highlighted points, it is a worthwhile investment in your home.