The Best Possible Plants for Your Verandah (and Why)

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The Best Possible Plants for Your Verandah (and Why)

3 January 2017
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A verandah is an extension of your home—it's essentially your outdoor room. So how do you decorate this outdoor room? You probably have some outdoor furniture, and yet you don't need to stop there. Potted plants on your verandah can add some beautiful colour and privacy, and they can even have some very practical applications. So what types of plants should you choose for your verandah?

Not a Lot of Space

For smaller verandahs where space is at a premium, you probably don't want your potted plants to take up too much floor space. So what about plants that take up no floor space at all? Hanging plants are supremely easy to install, and all you need is a drill and a suitably-sized hook. Obviously they should be installed around the borders of your verandah so nobody bangs their head. Geraniums are a great choice, since the colourful foliage will literally cascade from the hanging pot (and they're easy to care for). If your verandah doesn't receive much sun, try hanging pots filled with impatiens. They look beautiful and don't require a lot of sunlight in order to thrive.

When You Need Privacy

You might also want to try a feature wall to add plants to your verandah. This simply involves installing a trellis (or chicken wire) against a chosen wall of your verandah and placing a climbing plant (in a pot) at its base. This method can be used to create a literal green wall for added privacy if you wish to partially enclose your verandah. For a fast-growing, easy-to-care-for climbing plant, opt for clematis. You could also try one of the numerous types of native bougainvilleas if you want something a little brighter. These plants are better for colder climates. They will not offer year-round flowers, but their foliage is evergreen.

Practical and Beautiful

What about plants for your verandah that are practical as well as beautiful? If your backyard is commonly plagued by mosquitoes and other flying annoyances, your plant choices can help to keep them away from your verandah. Citronella oil is often used as a mosquito repellent, and the plant itself can also perform this task. Potted citronella distributed around the borders of your verandah creates a natural barrier that deters mosquitoes. Rosemary, lemongrass, and mint will also keep those nasties at bay, and will give you fresh herbs too!

By choosing the best possible plants for your verandah, it will truly feel like you've decorated your home's outdoor room.