4 Considerations to Make Before Purchasing Wood Laminate Flooring

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4 Considerations to Make Before Purchasing Wood Laminate Flooring

16 December 2016
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Wood laminate flooring is an awesome choice for any home, be it a high-rise apartment or mansion because it provides a durable yet affordable floor. With the latest technological advancements applied in the printing and manufacturing of laminate flooring, it is possible to get a floor that looks and feels exactly like hardwood flooring. Not all laminate flooring is manufactured equally regarding fitting and style. Thus it is advisable to have adequate knowledge on laminate flooring to make an informed choice when purchasing it from a place like Greenmount Timber & Building Supplies. Below are four tips on buying laminate flooring.

•    Board thickness. When shopping for wood laminate flooring, it is essential to consider the width of the boards that will get used. In general, the thicker a laminate board is, the more durable it will be. Additionally, thicker board appear more convincingly realistic to timber compared to thinner ones. Thus, when choosing the board, pick the ones that are between 8mm and 12 mm thick.

•    Visual goals. The desired appearance of the room in which the wood laminate flooring gets installed is also a considerable factor. For instance, laminate flooring can be used to make a small room appear larger by installing full boards or utilizing planks with a light colour. The extra brightness of the light coloured planks creates a visual illusion of a much bigger room than it is.

•    Traffic on the floor. High-quality wood laminate floors can withstand the punishment of a busy household, and that is one of the reasons that make them a perfect choice for high traffic areas such as sitting rooms. However, the kind of traffic involved is a different matter. For instance, households with children and pets; such as dogs, the wooden flooring will get subjected to scratching which will leave marks. Thus in such a house, using a darker shade of laminate floors is advisable as the marks will not be easily visible. Additionally, light coloured floors make it easier for dirt and other stains that stick to it, visible. A solution to these problems could be selecting a texture that resembles stone or ceramic.

•    Decking. Traditional timber decking is also getting phased out by wooden laminate flooring. Most people use their decks for various activities such as barbequing and lounging. One problem of wood decking is that it expands and contracts with changes in temperature which renders it weak over a given period. Thus, it's best to use wooden laminate flooring for its durability as opposed to timber decking.