Choosing a Rural Shed: 3 Popular Materials

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Choosing a Rural Shed: 3 Popular Materials

14 December 2016
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A rural shed is a fantastic addition for any agricultural contractor's business. It can be used to store machinery, tools and vehicles. If you are currently looking to invest in a rural shed, you may be surprised at the wide variety of materials they are manufactured from. Below is a guide to 3 of the most popular materials used to construct rural sheds. 


Wood has many advantages. A wooden shed will blend naturally in with rural surroundings and can also be painted whichever colour you prefer. However, a drawback of opting for a wooden shed is that it will require frequent coats of sealant to prevent rainwater and moisture from penetrating and damaging the wood. Wood is also susceptible to changes in temperature and may begin to crack as it expands and shrinks in the heat and cold.


A metal shed is an extremely sturdy structure which can withstand the most severe weather conditions. Metal sheds are also extremely easy to clean, as mud and dirt will not cling to the surface of the metal in the same way it does with wood and vinyl. If you decide to opt for an aluminium shed, you can also enjoy the benefit of a lightweight and easily transportable shed.

However, the drawback of a metal shed is that they can be very noisy. If your shed is going to be located near your farmhouse or buildings which contain animals, you may want to consider the impact of clanging metal doors and creaking metal hinges. The noise pollution created by a metal shed can be reduced by adding additional sound proofing foam to the interior.


Vinyl sheds are a relatively new phenomenon. The benefit of choosing a vinyl shed is that it will require very little maintenance. Vinyl is a waterproof material which is resistant to cracking, chipping or rotting when exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures. Vinyl is also extremely lightweight, which means it is easy to transport pieces of the shed to a remote rural location by hand. Vinyl shed panels can also be stamped, so they have a wood grain effect. 

The drawback of choosing vinyl is that it is more likely to be damaged during extreme weather than a wooden or metal shed. Vinyl sheds are also only available is very limited number of colours.

If you would like further help and advice choosing your rural shed, contact a shed contractor today.