Various Forms of Truck Tarps You Can Consider

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Various Forms of Truck Tarps You Can Consider

17 October 2016
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Truck tarps, as the name suggests, are coverings that are used to protect the loads being transported by these vehicles. These coverings come in an assortment of materials as well as designs to meet different needs and purposes. You will also find that the truck tarps come in varying thicknesses ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty tarps. When making a selection of truck tarps, it would be crucial to carefully evaluate what your primary function for it would be. This will ensure that you are making the most of your purchase. In the event that you cannot find truck tarps that fit the exact dimensions of your vehicle, you could always have the tarp customised to suit your preferences. The following are some of the various forms of truck tarps that you can consider.

Steel and lumber tarps

These types of truck tarps are primarily used as coverings for construction materials, namely lumber and steel. They are made from vinyl so have the propensity to withstand both extremely high and low temperatures without acquiring any damage. One of the main differences between these two tarps is steel tarps tend to be smaller than their lumber counterparts are. In addition to this, the steel tarps will not have any flaps whereas the lumber tarps have flaps that are used to fully secure the load. Lumber tarps are an ideal option when transporting construction materials such as wallboards, timber mouldings and more. Steel tarps, on the other hand, are used for covering steel rods, metallic sheets and more.

Smoke tarps

These types of truck tarps are primarily used to secure the front of the load that you are transporting. This is because they function to protect your load from pollution that would occur due to close proximity to the exhaust smoke being emitted by the truck. Smoke tarps are also ideal if you are concerned about any environmental pollution that may occur, especially if you are driving in industrial areas. If you have a pipe load, you may want to consider a smoke tarp as this would decrease the whistling sound created due to high winds blowing through the pipes. It should be noted, though, that smoke tarps are only suitable for partially covering your load and not as the primary tarp covering.

Dump truck tarps

The main advantage of these tarps is their water resistance. As such, they are an ideal option if you are looking to transport items that would acquire water damage such as electronic appliances, construction materials and more. However, you can also use a dump truck tarp if you are looking to transport other materials such as fertiliser or grains.