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How To Repair A Leaky Shower Faucet

28 April 2016
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Leaky shower faucets can be incredibly frustrating and expensive. There's nothing more annoying than trying to sleep, only to hear sporadic dripping. This can not only affect your sanity, but also your water bill! If you have a problem, these tips may help. Turn Off the Water When you're battling a leaky facet, it's not just water you're losing, it's heat. If your shower valve is turned to hot, your water heater must constantly operate in order to keep the wasted water warm. Read More …

Stainless Steel Doors: More than Just a Security Improvement Addition for Your Home

8 September 2015
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When many homeowners think about installing a security door, they are usually primarily concerned about protecting their families and property. Indeed, security doors create a physical barrier that prevents bandits, burglars, thieves and other criminal elements from trespassing into your home. Nonetheless, you can enjoy more than just improved security by installing a stainless steel security door in your home. Here are some extra benefits associated with the installation of stainless steel security doors for homes. Read More …