Renovations: Fixtures to Update the Appearance of Your Bathroom

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Renovations: Fixtures to Update the Appearance of Your Bathroom

27 February 2017
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The bathroom is one of the rooms of the home that will start to exhibit signs of ageing and disrepair sooner than other places. This is because it is used on a frequent basis and is exposed to high moisture content in the form of water, steam, condensate and more. Therefore, you will probably have to consider bathroom renovations at one time or another. However, your bathroom renovations do not have to be an exorbitant affair. Instead of updating everything in one go, focus on one area to make your renovation process more economical. A good place to start would be your fixtures as these tend to be used on a daily basis. So what are some of the fixtures you should invest in to update the appearance of your bathroom?

Towel rods

Conventional towel rods are designed purely with functionality in mind. Thus, it is not surprising that homeowners will rarely ever pay attention to them unless they have become dislodged or damaged. In this day and age, you do not have to settle for bland towel rods made from stainless steel. There is a multitude of designs and shapes that you could choose from to ensure that your towel rod is exuding your own personal style.

For instance, if you like ornate patterns, you could opt for circular towel rods that have embellishments on their surface to add a sense of character to the fixture. On the other hand, you could get a set of towel rods that come in various sizes to help you hang up towels of varying lengths. Lastly, consider deviating from traditional stainless steel, and consider other types of materials such as brass, nickel and more.

Robe hooks

The diminutive size of these items makes them another fixture that is typically overlooked by homeowners. However, this is one of the most convenient elements you could add to your bathroom as it eliminates the occurrence of throwing towels or bathrobes over the toilet, the floor and other areas. Moreover, robe hooks are essential for smaller bathrooms as they help you in keeping your bathroom organised, hence making it appear to be more spacious.

A mistake people make is simply attaching plastic hooks at the back of their bathroom door to stand in as robe hooks. However, this does not add any aesthetic value to your bathroom. Instead, invest in premium materials that will offer you longevity. You should also take note of the weight limitations on the robe hooks. This will ensure that you do not overload them, which could cause premature breakage.