What to Look For When Buying a New Garage Door Opener

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What to Look For When Buying a New Garage Door Opener

21 February 2017
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A garage door opener is a device that opens and closes the garage door when you operate the remote control or press the switch on the garage wall. If your current garage door opener is old or faulty, it is essential to replace it with a new model so that you can enjoy the benefits of an automated garage door. Replacing your garage opener also gives you a chance of getting a device with better features as compared to the old one. Here you will learn some of the things and features that may interest you when shopping for a new garage door.

Low noise operation

Garage door openers can be broadly categorized into chain-drive and belt-drive models based on the mode of operation. Chain-drive openers are driven using a chain, and they tend to generate a lot of noise as the garage opens and closes. Belt-drive openers are operated using a belt-drive system, and they feature smooth operation and quiet performance. If you are sensitive to noise or have living spaces adjacent to the garage, it is important to have an opener that produces little or no noise during operation. In this case, a belt-drive model would be the best option for your garage.

Reliable remote control system

If you live in a neighborhood with several automatic garage doors that are operated using a remote control, it is possible to experience signal interference from these garages. This means that your neighbors' garage door openers may interfere with your remote control causing it to fail to respond to commands. The garage door may fail to open even after issuing commands using the remote control. To avoid this, you should get a garage opener with a dual frequency function. This feature allows the opener to switch between two frequencies to prevent interference from other openers in the area.

Adequate horsepower

The amount of power needed by a garage opener depends on how large or heavy the garage door is. If you choose a low power rating for a large or heavy garage, the opener will wear out fast, and you may be forced to replace it often. The lowest power rating is suitable for lightweight garage doors while an average rating is ideal for heavier garage doors which are insulated. A high horsepower rating is suitable for heavy duty and solid wood garage doors which are insulated. If you want a reliable, efficient, and durable opener, you should go for one with an average or high power rating.

Proper installation of a garage door opener is also essential for optimal performance. Hire a professional garage door specialist for proper installation and troubleshooting of your garage door.