4 Reasons Bifold Doors Are a Popular Choice

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4 Reasons Bifold Doors Are a Popular Choice

21 February 2017
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Bifold doors have become popular in recent years and for good reason. In case you don't know what they are, bifold doors open like a concertina with a sliding motion. They're often used in place of standard patio doors as the opening between conservatories and the outside.

This type of door not only looks distinctive and attractive, it also has practical benefits that can transform the possibilities of your indoor and outdoor spaces. If you're in the market for new doors or a whole new conservatory, here are the reasons you should give some thought to bifolds.

They're easy to operate When you want to open or close your bifold doors, the easy sliding motion couldn't be more convenient. This is great if people are entering and exiting the building regularly and you don't want to leave the doors open.

They'll brighten up your interiors The large windows in bifold doors let plenty of light in, so you can really benefit from the natural daytime sunlight. If you really want to maximise the feeling of space, you can open them right up and enjoy some of the outdoors, indoors. This is perfect for days that are a little too cold to sit outside, but warm enough that you want a bit of fresh air.

They're slim and compact When they're fully opened, bifold doors fold up into a remarkably small space, so you don't need lots of room to use them without causing inconvenience. You can keep them open without struggling to work your way around them as you pass. And when they're closed, the incredibly slim profile looks sleek, attractive and modern. Despite their slim design, they're strong and secure, so you can enjoy the peace of mind typically associated with a thick, heavy door but with a whole different look.

They're brilliantly practical Love barbeques on hot days? Just pull those bifold doors open so you and your guests can get in and out with ease. They'll stay open or closed as you want them, without any loose doors flapping in the breeze. And with the way they neatly fold, you won't lose any of your indoor or outdoor space while you use them freely. Because they're so versatile, you can open them just a little bit to let some breeze in or keep enough of an open gap to provide access to your home while you barbeque, but limit the amount of smoky food smells that get in.