Protecting Your Army - Gaming Club Security

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Protecting Your Army - Gaming Club Security

20 December 2016
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Board gaming clubs are becoming more common with the ever-increasing popularity of retro tabletop games. Regardless of whether members play large scale miniature battles, card games or take part in role-playing adventures, the financial investment in the items required to play can add up to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. If you allow your members to store their possessions at the club, you may want to think about implementing a variety of different security measures to minimise the risk of thievery. There are a number of options available, and if you're a little lost about what you could use, this guide will point you in the right direction. 

Security Alarm System

security alarm system is a great way to protect your club when not in use. It can consist of a variety of different methods that cover all price ranges, but most common are window sensors, security cameras and an alarm key code. Unfortunately, this does mean that it isn't practical for the club to be open at all times, as trusting the code to members could compromise security. However, if you have set opening times and a dedicated board of directors, this could be an option. 

Key Fob Entry

An electronic key fob is a great idea for securing the building when board members are not around or the club is open 24/7. The risk with handing out keys is that they are easily lost, which can compromise the club. However a key fob allows every member to have an electronic tag attached to his or her keys, with each fob encoded with a password. Even if the fob is lost, unless someone can guess the pass code, they won't be able to enter the building. They are simple to use, requiring the member to place the fob against a keypad and input a multi-digit code once they hear a bleep. This then unlocks the door, which should lock again upon closing.

Member Watch Initiative

Organising a member watch is a great idea to prevent thievery. An anonymous system allowing people to voice concerns about club behaviour or security would work well. You could provide an open access club email from which people can email the board members or create a paper based drop box.  

Internal Lockers

Having internal metal lockers with dedicated numerical or key based locks will add a final level of protection to the member's possessions. Depending on the type of contents,the insurance the club has may also be affected by whether or not items are secured and out of sight when not in use.