Why Have Custom Cabinets Installed in Your Home?

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Why Have Custom Cabinets Installed in Your Home?

19 December 2016
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Custom cabinets are not a choice reserved only for the very wealthy, as it may be more affordable to work with a residential carpenter and have cabinetry made specifically for your home than you realize. There are some very good reasons to do this rather than buying pre-made cabinets from a home supply store; note a few of those reasons here, and then discuss this option with a residential carpenter to see if it would work for your home.

You have unused space in the kitchen or bathroom

Some homes have odd-sized kitchens or bathrooms or very small rooms so that standard cabinetry just won't fit in every nook and corner. This space then usually gets wasted, whereas a residential carpenter can create cabinets that work for every square inch or centimetre of your home. If you have an odd space between your refrigerator and a wall or behind the bathroom door that you know could accommodate cabinets but you simply cannot find them in the right size, work with a residential carpenter to create shelving, cupboards or whatever other storage would be a good choice for those areas.

You have oddly-shaped items to store

Most homeowners will have standard items they want stored in the kitchen, bathroom, garage and so on, but you may have special small appliances that you want stored away in your kitchen cabinets or have always dreamed of a shelving unit around your bathroom mirror that holds your makeup items in perfect order. Trying to fit your particular items into standard cupboards, cabinets, shelving and drawers can be difficult, whereas a residential carpenter can create storage spaces that are designed around any one item or items you want tucked away.

You want your cabinets to match your flooring, furniture, or other pieces

Trying to match your cabinets to timber floors, wood furniture, the frames around your home's artwork and other such details of your home can be virtually impossible, even if you choose the same wood for cabinetry as these other pieces. This is because the age of wood and its stain can affect its colour and tone. However, a residential carpenter can create cabinetry with the same type of stain or paint colour much more readily than if you tried to match these items to pre-made cabinets. You can also usually commission him or her to create furniture pieces, framework for art and other items that will match your new cabinetry and cupboards completely, so your home looks coordinated.