Double Glased Windows: What Are Their Benefits?

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Double Glased Windows: What Are Their Benefits?

13 December 2016
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Double glazing, also referred to as insulated glazing is the utilisation of two glass panes to construct a single window for the purpose of reducing both noise and heat transmissions. By using double glazed windows, the gap between the two panes significantly reduces the transmission of heat as well as sound, as opposed to single glazed windows where both are easily transferred. For instance, single glazed windows allow sunlight to heat up the house in summer; and during winter, heat can easily escape through the window out of the house. Below are some pros a double glazed window can provide for a household.

Reducing energy bills

During extreme seasons such as winter and summer, households utilise air conditioning systems to make the living space warm and cool respectively. As a result of the constantly on a/c systems, energy consumption tend to increase and relatively so do the energy bills. By installing double glazed windows, you won't have to crank up the a/c system because during winter, the windows prevent the loss of heat; and during summer they will prevent excess heat from entering the house. Thus, the electricity consumption on air conditioning will be reduced, and as a result the energy bill will not be as high.


Apart from preventing the transmission of heat, double glazed windows also reduce the transfer of sound. For instance, people who live near airports are often disturbed by the noise of roaring aeroplane engines, or if your neighbours have a habit of playing loud music at night, installing double glazed windows can reduce the amount of noise pollution entering your household. Alternatively, the windows improve the level of privacy of a home because no one can hear what the people inside are talking about.

Improved safety

Burglars often go for the windows when they want to gain entry into a home because most window panes are easy to break through or open from the outside. However, double glazed windows are tougher to break through compared to regular window panes. If you reside in a neighbourhood that is frequented by burglars, installing double glazed windows could be a preventative measure against getting robbed.

Property value

Due to the numerous benefits provided by double glazed windows, having them in your home could boost the value of the building if you ever decide to sell it. Thus, when selling the house, having double glazed windows and doors is a considerable valuation factor when determining how much the property is worth.