Tips for Constructing a Strong Foundation for Building Structures

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Tips for Constructing a Strong Foundation for Building Structures

12 December 2016
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Buildings require a strong and durable foundation to stand firm and keep people safe. A strong foundation plays an important role in preventing buildings from collapsing, even when they are faced with adverse environmental and climatic factors. The laying of foundation is the first step in the construction process of a building; the foundation is what the entire building structure is set upon. In fact, the foundation of a building is the most important element supporting the whole building structure. There are several ways of laying a foundation for a building, including a concrete construction. A concrete construction is one of the most effective ways of laying a foundation for a building. Here are some tips for constructing a strong foundation for buildings.

Check soil condition

It is very important to check the type of soil and its condition on the site where you want to lay a foundation. This will allow you to know the type of foundation to build and determine how stable your building will be. If you don't check the soil type, and you lay a foundation on it, your building may collapse in the future. You should hire a professional structural engineer to help you inspect the soil on your site before laying any foundation.

Dig soil to the required depth

After soil inspection, you should make sure that you dig the soil up to the mandatory depth. The hole you dig out must not be less or more than the required depth. Your structural engineer will provide the accurate depth to dig, and your excavation contractor should make sure the instructions are duly followed. All small stones, pebbles, rock and roots should be removed from the soil so that they will not hinder the process of laying the foundation. When the professional is grading the soil, removing these constituents will help to maintain the exact level of the slope.

Mix concrete 

Before laying the foundation, you need to mix several ingredients, such as sand, water, small stones or gravel and cement, to form the concrete. The mixture of these ingredients form the concrete. However, you need to make sure that the ingredients are blended well and that the mixture has good proportions so that your foundation can be strong.

Lay the foundation

To start the laying of the foundation, you need to install the wood footings. This helps to form the foundation when the concrete has been poured in the wood forms. You need to make sure that the concrete is mixed appropriately for crack resistance and strength. You need to make sure that there are no air openings when you are pouring the concrete. The concrete base, which is the foundation laid, should be strong enough to support the building structure that will be constructed on it.

Building a strong foundation requires professional hands. You should hire experienced engineers and contractors that will help you construct your building foundation according the requirements of the soil on your site.