Importance of electrical circuit services in buildings

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Importance of electrical circuit services in buildings

12 December 2016
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Since time immemorial, all buildings have realised the need to have electricity installed in them to increase visibility at night or in an enclosed room. The use of fluorescent lamps was quickly abandoned, as electricity appeared to be the favoured form of lighting. However, successful installation of electricity in a single building requires numerous services and devices. One of the fundamental factors that electricity companies identified during electricity installation was the importance of installing electrical circuit services in buildings. The availability of electrical circuits services in buildings creates a safe environment for people to live in houses and buildings. This is because they reduce the probability of electrical accidents such as wiring destruction due to excess power, power fluctuation in the building electrical system, electrical shocks and electrocutions. Here are some of the electrical circuit's factors that you should consider when installing electrical circuits in a house to avoid electrical issues.

Significance of circuit breakers

Circuit breakers are one of the most important parts of an electrical system in a house or building. Their main function is to protect the house and electrical system from electrical fires and circuit overload. All terminal sub-circuit that do not exceed 50 amperes should be shielded by a circuit breaker. Other sub-circuits that exceed 50 amperes should use high capturing capacity fuses to protect them.

Identifying correct wiring

It is important to identify the correct wiring in all construction buildings. The wiring for consumer sub-circuits, mains, and sub mains should be clearly distinguishable from other types of permanent wiring. This is made possible by using different coloured wiring cables or attaching and shimmering yellow tape that is clearly labelled 'construction wires' in the building. All energised wiring should be treated as 'live' cables unless proved otherwise. This avoids cases of accidental electrical shocks and electrocutions. Lastly, all construction wiring should be tied separately from other permanent wiring in the building.

Power circuits need to be properly secured

Since construction sites have numerous construction activities and human movement, electrical construction wiring may be damaged. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure if the wiring lacks metal covers or conduits, they should always be confined in a barrier or enclosure. This protects the cables from any damage that might compromise the electrical system.

Proper installation of residual current device (RCD) in sub-circuits

RCD is an important device in electrical systems as it acts as the safety switch in electrical circuits. It is installed in every electrical system to avoid cases of electrocution or electric shocks. All socket outlets and lighting terminals in sub-circuits should have an RCD installed as a protection measure. Furthermore, it contains a tripping mechanism that maintains the flow of current that does not exceed 30 milliamperes.