How Labour Hire Companies Ensure Employee Safety

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How Labour Hire Companies Ensure Employee Safety

5 December 2016
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Are you considering asking a labour hire company to find you some work? Read on and discover some of the measures that labour hire companies can take to ensure that the employees that they find work for will be safe from avoidable hazards at those workplaces. Use this information to seek for additional clarification from your preferred labour hire company regarding the specific measures that they take to safeguard the employees that they assign to different companies.

Ensuring Orientation Is Done

Labour hire companies can ensure that employees are safe at their new workplaces by confirming that those new hires are oriented into the roles and tasks that they will be performing. The labour hire agency can even go an extra mile by providing translators to help an employee who may not be able to speak the language in which the orientation is done. In this way, you will start your work when you know what risks you are likely to face, and you will know the preventive measures that are in place to avert those risks.

Assessing Possible Risks Due to Your Age

Some labour hire companies may also assess what kinds of risks an employee is likely to face due to his or her age. For instance, older employees may be more prone to the risk of slips and falls at the workplace due to their reduced mobility in case they suffer from conditions like arthritis. Consequently, the labour hire company may opt to place such a person with a company whose work doesn't require the employee to move a lot from one workstation to another. In this way, the risk of falling and injuring yourself while at work would have been greatly reduced.

Checking Operating Procedures

The labour hire agency may also ask the companies that they send employees to about the written work and safety guidelines that all employees are expected to follow while they are executing their tasks. This precaution ensures that you will have some material to refer to on a daily basis in order to protect yourself while you are doing your work. You can then seek for clarification in case there is a guideline that you don't understand instead of improvising and exposing yourself to a health hazard that is preventable.

As you can see, labour hire agencies have an interest in ensuring that the employees that they find work for remain safe as they do that work. You should therefore have no fears that your safety will be compromised in case you ask a labour hire company to find you work. Ask the agency for additional information in case you have other queries about the measures that they take to protect employees from avoidable work-related risks.