Garage Conversion Advice To Add Property Value

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Garage Conversion Advice To Add Property Value

4 November 2016
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One of the most cost-effective means of adding value to your property is to convert the garage from a storage area into a fully useable part of the home. With modern vehicles being adequately protected under well-made carports these days, few Australian homeowners use their garage for actually storing a car in. It is a waste to leave a garage uncared for. Instead, do something with it that will add value to the property and offer you an enhanced living space.

When deciding to convert a garage for the purposes of adding value to the property, it is important to consider how people are likely to view the conversion if you were to put your home on the market. If you do a conversion for a niche purpose, like setting up a hobby room or home cinema, then it is unlikely to add a great deal of value unless you find the right buyer. However, if you opt for an additional reception room or bedroom, then you are more likely to maximise your potential yield. When you consider what to use the space for, it is also important to consider whether the garage is attached to the home or detached, since this will make a big difference.

Garages which are attached to the main property make good ground floor living spaces. If your garage connects to your kitchen, then a good use of the space is to opt for a dining room or a utility room – or both if the garage is large enough. Conversely, detached garages are better used as more independent or occasional-use spaces. For example, a detached garage makes a great granny flat or an annex. They also work well as teen dens which can function as a second living room when they have friends over. Families who might consider buying your home down the line will definitely value these sorts of conversions over changes of use to things like libraries or studies.

When hiring a contractor to convert your garage and build a new carport to replace it, make sure that they have done similar jobs before. Poorly conceived conversions can look terrible if electrical wiring and plumbing is not done properly so that it is hidden. Deal with any uneven surface on the garage floor before laying carpet, and go to the trouble of skimming the walls with plaster so that the interior can be decorated in keeping with the rest of your home. This will make the conversion more integral when viewed by potential buyers and subsequently add greater value to your home.