Design Your New Home's Exterior by Asking These Simple Questions

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Design Your New Home's Exterior by Asking These Simple Questions

18 October 2016
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Although most people tend to focus a lot more on their home's interior look, the exterior is important too and should not be neglected. Your home's exterior look determines what style your home will portray, among other things. Below, get started on designing the exterior of your future home by asking yourself these simple questions.

How many people will live in the house?

Will the house be large, average or compact? The most effective way to answer this is by evaluating how many people will be living in the house. The answer should guide you in coming up with the outlay of your home. Simply map out the different rooms that your house will feature, and, once you plot the size and dimensions of each area, you will start to have an idea of your home's exterior (and interior) design.

How much space does your compound have?

The exterior outlay of your home should also be guided by how much space you have to spare on your lot. Consider that you need to leave space for a front lawn, a back garden, parking, driveway, perhaps a swimming pool, etc. If you have lots of space to spare even after considering these, then you can build and take up as much space as you need. However, if you have limited space, consider a design that accommodates all these outdoor features without wasting any space. You can also build upwards to save on limited ground space.

Do you want any space on or above your roof?

The roof is a huge aspect of a home's exterior design. Besides that, the roof's design can also influence the amount of space in your house. For example, if you have a flat concrete roof, you will enjoy an entire rooftop that can be used for recreational use. Alternatively, if going with a slanted roof, you can install trusses or rafters that allow for attic space which can then be used for bedrooms, playrooms or storage rooms.  

What type of look do you want your house to have?

This is yet another question that should help guide you in coming up with an exterior design for your home. Your home can have different looks, e.g. traditional, classic, modern or contemporary. The particular style you want will heavily influence the build design of the house. For example, contemporary homes feature straight lines, flat roofs and lots of glass while a traditional house would feature timber walls, a stone chimney, clay tile roofing, smaller windows, etc.

As a starting point, these questions will help you get some ideas flowing about what you want your future home to look like. Consult a new home builder for more ideas and expert advice on construction.