Tips for Taking Care of Your Timber Decking

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Tips for Taking Care of Your Timber Decking

17 October 2016
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Timber is a favoured construction material for decking in residential areas because it has a rustic look that makes it blend well with the outdoor environment. But to ensure the look of timber decking is preserved, it is important to take good care of the installation. Unfortunately, this is something that many homeowners do not know how to do. When the beauty of their timber decking starts to wane, they are simply rendered helpless. But this can be avoided. With a little basic understanding of what can be done to keep timber decking looking nice and in good condition, homeowners can pride in their decking for years and years ahead.

Cleaning your deck

Many people often underestimate the importance of cleaning their decking on a regular basis. Or maybe, they simply think it would take up too much of their time. If dirt and dust, leaves falling from the trees, bird droppings and other yard waste are allowed to stay on the surface of your decking for a long time, the buildup will cause the decking to quickly wear down. Regularly sweeping to clear off any loose debris can go a long way in keeping your decking looking tidy. Alternatively, you can hose the deck down with water, but the water pressure should not be too high such that it ends up splintering the wood. Occasionally, give your decking a thorough cleaning using a bristled brush and manufacturer-recommended products so you can rid of any dirt, grime and stains.

Applying a sealer

Because timber surfaces are susceptible to water damage, waterproofing sealers are usually applied to keep the water out. A sealer will be put on your timber decking during the initial installation, but, over time, this protective finish will wear down due to constant exposure to water-based environments. If you realise that the sealer applied on your decking has waned, you will need to have the surface of your decking resealed. The resealing job will help ensure that your wood is kept in pristine condition. But before you can apply a new sealcoat, make sure to first clean your deck and allow it to dry off completely. You can buy a high-quality sealer from a local home improvement centre or deck supplier, along with any supplies you might need to apply it.

If you can fulfill the above-elaborated maintenance requirements, you shouldn't have a problem taking good care of your timber decking so you can reap maximum service life from it.