4 Ways To Increase The Kerb Appeal Of Your Home When Selling

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4 Ways To Increase The Kerb Appeal Of Your Home When Selling

17 October 2016
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Kerb appeal is everything when selling a home. If potential buyers do not like how your home looks like from outside, they may not even bother asking about the price or checking out what the inside looks like. So if you're planning to sell your home, increasing its kerb appeal should be a big priority for you. Below, see some of the ways you can make this happen.

Automate your gate

Gates are a big part of a home's kerb appeal. If your home has a gate, automating it can really increase your home's kerb appeal. An automatic gate adds the wow factor and impresses potential buyers before they have even gotten a chance to get inside the house. An automatic gate not only adds a touch of luxury to your home, it also adds convenience and security. And all that is needed is for an automation kit to be installed by a fencing contractor.

Repair or install new driveway

Another way to give your home's kerb appeal a makeover is to work on the driveway. You can either repair the existing one or have a new one installed. You can ask the paving contractor to fill the potholes, resurface the driveway, install a seal coat or complete whatever concrete or asphalt repairs are needed. If installing a new driveway, you may choose between asphalt or concrete. You can even go a step further and have the driveway decorated via stamping, line marking, stencil painting, etc.

Paint the house and roof

The house itself is the key ingredient when it comes to kerb appeal. One way to work on these areas is by having the house given a fresh coat of paint. This includes the roof as well. You can have the existing colour repainted or you can go for a bold new look. Consult a paint expert or a home designer for colour choices.

Landscape the front lawn

You can also increase your home's kerb appeal by working on the front lawn. A well-manicured front lawn adds a lot of weight to a buyer's interest to view or buy your home. Have the garden improved by planting flowers, trees and grass or turf. You can also install retaining walls and even outdoor art, e.g. sculptures to make the lawn stand out more. A landscaping designer can help you generate some ideas on what to do.

Doing all the above will not only attract more buyers to your house, it will also allow you to ask for better prices for it. In the end, the final selling price might allow you to recoup any of the above expenses you will incur. And of course, a great kerb appeal will allow you to sell your house very fast.