Cats and Carpets: Four Items You Need to Repair Damage Easily

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Cats and Carpets: Four Items You Need to Repair Damage Easily

18 May 2016
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If you have carpets and cats, damage can be inevitable. Luckily, it's easy to repair most kitty-caused rips and tears to carpet. You just need the right tools.

1. Extra Carpet

If you are purchasing new carpet and you have cats, always buy a bit extra. That way, if you ever need to patch a pulled up piece of carpet or replace one that has been stained, you have matching carpet on hand to make a patch.

If you already have your carpet, order a piece of matching carpet. That way, when you need to make an emergency patch, you have supplies on hand. In a pinch, if you cannot find matching carpet, you can use a book of samples to find pieces that relatively match what you currently have.

2. Carpet Cutter

When patching carpet, you want to try to use oval patches. They blend in seamlessly compared to rectangular patches. However, cats don't cause damage in ovals, and because of that, you will need to cut away some of your existing carpet every time you do a patch.

A carpet cutter works perfectly for this job, and you can even buy cutters that are designed specifically for high or low pile so that you get the angles you need with your blade.

3. Carpet Seam Tape

To hold your patch in place, you need a bit of seam carpet tape. Also called two-sided carpet tape, this tape is easy to work with. You simply place it down on the floor where you want to apply the patch, and then, you place the patch on top of the tape. One side sticks to the floor while the other side sticks to your patch.

You don't have to worry about spills like you do with liquid adhesive. Similarly, you don't have to use nails as you do when you stick carpet down with carpet grippers which are typically used around the edges of rooms when carpet is first installed.

4. Carpet Rake

A carpet rake brushes carpet fibres so that they stand up, and it can help mix together the fibres on the edges between the patch and the existing carpet. When you run a carpet rake over your patched area, it blends the fibres together to create a seamless look and make your patch look unnoticeable.

Want to learn more about tools that can help you repair carpet damage from cats or other creatures? Contact a professional carpet restoration company for tips and ideas.